Cashflow your sitting vacancies

Fill Vacancies Faster with Short-term Leasing

Make profit off of your sitting vacancies. Our short-term leasing platform give you the power to manage short-term leases for mont-to-month or multiple-month leases. Lease on your terms and lower your vacancies.

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Short-term Leasing Made Easy

The demand for short-term leasing from foreigners has increased in recent years. Leasey provides a listing and listing management platform to connect foreigners looking for apartments to rent for a short period.  In turn, creating a new revenue stream for property managers, owners,  and real estate agents.

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Tenant & Contract Management

Take control of your short-term leases through online adjustable contracts and management of tenants.  Flexible terms for your vacancies and always have full-control.

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Vacancies are Lost Revenue, Short-term Leasing helps Bridge that

With short-term vacation renting, think Airbnb, making up US$4.81bn in annual revenue in Japan.    An average full-month Airbnb rental cost US$1,800.  Where as the average traditional rental in Japan is US$500 a month.  

With demand for short-term leasing increasing with foreigner travel and post-pandemic business resumes.  Turn sitting vacancies into cash flow while looking for long-term tenants.

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Cashflow from your sitting vacancies with our listing management platform. All listing are always free.

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